Customized Media

The manufacturing part of the company is equipped with designated ACF vessels and manufac­turing devices. For water purification and air conditioning we follow the highest standards. The plant is organized to high flexibility. This allows us to be very fast in fulfilling our customers needs. The filling volume can be defined by the customers in a range from 5ml to 500 liters. BioConcept constantly improves its equipment and control mechanisms to meet your demands. Whenever you have a special formulation or modification you will get your Tissue Culture Media from BioConcept.

Due to our flexibility we are focused on the manufacturing of customer designed specialties as

• simple modifications of standard products

• new products according to customers recipes

• outsourcing

• variable batch sizes starting from minimal batch size 5 l up to 5000 l (liquid) and 2kg up to 800 kg (powder).

• variable sizes (5 ml to 500 l) and variable types of the containers (glass, PET, bags, as well as customer specified)

• sterilization through sterile filtration (0.22 μm) or hot air/vapour sterilization


Customer made products can be delivered within four weeks after the order has been placed - including QC.

For questions concerning customized media please contact us at


BioConcept Cell Culture Media

BioConcept Cell Culture Media