Our Suppliers:



Special and standard sterile cell culture products



Pipette CareBioConcept`s pipette calibration and service for all brands and types
Cycler Care

CYCLERtest Thermal performance and validation of PCR and qPCR cyclers

Instrument CareReader, Washer, Dispenser and Stacker Calibration and Service
abc biopply3D CoSeedisTM - Modular multi-purpose 3D Cell Co-Culture System
AcovosHigh quality, well-characterized human tissue samples


PCR and qPCR instruments



  Cedarlane Laboratories Ltd.

Immunology reagents, antibodies, antisera and ELISA kits



  Cell Lines Service

Well defined human and animal cell lines



Cell Signaling Technology Inc.

High quality validated antibodies and more




Thermocycler calibration service



 Eugenex Biotechnologies

Eucaryotic Gene Expression - Serumfree, Safe, Sophisticated



  Hycult Biotech Inc

Reagents for innate immunity, inflammation and cell damage




Protein detection technologies, reagents and systems



  Labexim Products

LED based Microplate Reader LEDETECT 96



 New England Biolabs Inc.

The molecular biology company



PeproTech Inc.

Top range of quality cytokine products



provitro GmbH

Human Primary Cells, optimized media and supplements



 Rockland Immunochemicals Inc.

Innovative range of primary, secondary and conjugated antibodies




Sartorius Liquid handling products



Scientific Specialties Inc.

Plastic specialities for your laboratory



 SouthernBiotechnology Associates Inc.

Monoclonal and secondary abs (CD, Leukocyte, TCR, MHC)



 Thermo Scientific

Microplate readers, washers and dispensers



TPP Techno Plastic Products AG

Tissue culture plastics



 Worthington Biochemical Corporation

High-purity enzymes for dissociation