MAM-PF® and EXPRESS Media for Serum-Free, Protein-Free and Animal Component Free (ACF) Cell Culture

The rapid and exciting expansion of cell biology to produce novel proteins requires a new generation of cell culture media. BioConcepts MAM-PF (Mammalian Artificial Media – Protein Free) and „Express“ line of media are tailor made to satisfy the needs of researchers and producers. These media for the cultivation of CHO, BHK and Hybridoma cells are fully defined with serum-free, protein-free and ACF (Animal Component Free) versions. ACF media are produced according to EMEA/410/01 rev2. – all components are certified animal component free – we hold a Certificate of Origin for every single component.

Modifications of MAM-PF and EXPRESS media (i.e. w/o Glucose, with L-Glutamine, with stable Glutamine (L-Ala-L-Gln) with reduced NaCl-concentration) and/or available batch sizes (liquid/powder) and customized packaging - please inquire at

BioConcept MAM-PF CHO Production Media

BioConcept MAM-PF CHO Production Media


SF- Baculo Express Media

Extensive further development and further investigation on the nutritional needs of insect cells, based on the excellent experience of SF-1 resulted in our new improved “Ready to Use” insect medium. Already successfully used in different academic and indus­trial laboratories, SF-3 and SF-4 show following improvements:

  • Protein free: Addition of ultra filtrated protein hydrolysates with an 8 kd cut off reduces downstream purification processes especially for secreted recombinant proteins
  • Cell density: densities up to 2 x 107 cells/ml could be achieved using SF-3 in bioreactors and spinner flasks
  • Versatility: not only suitable for SF9 and SF21 but also High Five and Drosophila cells
  • Adaptation: Only few passages needed if you switch from your current serum supplemented medium (e.g. TC100 or Grace’s). Direct switch from your current serum (but not protein free) medium possible for some of the commercial available media
  • Protein yield: Results indicate an increased protein yield (1.5 - 2.7 x) in recombinant protein production compared to previous used media


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