BioConcept manufactures:

  • Sterile Cell Culture products (i.e. cell culture media and supplements). Manufactured in Switzerland we offer you a broad choice of special and standard media and the opportunity to create the optimum menu for your cells.
  • AgarStar® Nutrient Media Sterilizers for Microbiology. The AgarStar family has been operating for more than 20 years. Today the 6th generation is on the market. The AgarStar BCII’s has a number of set principles that define its place in the industry. It is dedicated to quality, robustness and making the products easy to use to increase the standard of media produced.


BioConcept manufactures its products in Switzerland and operates internationally. Quality is a very important aspect of BioConcepts operations and it has been an ISO 9001 company since 1994. The current QMS certification is ISO 9001:2015. As a privately held business we will further invest in the development and expansion of our products and services for our customers.